Sequoia Cyber Solutions


"Your Cybersecurity & Technology Experts" Sequoia Cyber Solutions requested a redesign of their site in an effort to simplify their users' experience. We created a streamlined, concise design and combined it with a fluid user experience, with unique features such as: Original use of image carousels Traditional and unique side navigation Blog Distinguishing UI [...]

Guardian Leadership


"Connecting your organization to the best leadership training and development resources in the world." Guardian Leadership offers training courses for leaders. Their RocketSite+ plan gives them great opportunities for showcasing their classes and offering online payments and registration for their classes. Some additional features include: Event listings Blog Event registration and payments Client [...]

The Terrier Foundation


After working with Lyndon Academy on their school's RocketSite, we continued to work with the school on their Non-Profit organization, The Terrier Foundation. Their sleek, one-page, scrolling site includes necessary features, such as: Donation capabilities Smooth scrolling Interactive map Contact form with recaptcha

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